The Tendering Services Bureau was established in  1950 as a  service to assist building contractors and subcontractors as well as architects and quantity surveyors to arrive at the best coverage of tender prices to the ultimate benefit of the clients concerned.  Through  the  years our business has expanded from a manual typewriter and very little else to faxes, email and internet  systems always keeping the original  intentions of  our service to the forefront of our operation,

We obtain documentation of all building projects in the Western Cape area directly from quantity surveyors, City Councils, Public Works Departments and often from building contractors who are pricing a tender.  We divide these into relevant trade sections and forward these extracts to subcontractors and merchants on our database according to the trades requested together with a list of builders who are planning to submit a price for the project.  Subcontractors can then price these items and submit their prices to the main tenderers.  This means that main building contractors will receive subcontractors' prices without having to ask for them.


                                                          OUR SERVICES


Select which trades you are interested in and we will send extracts relating to these trades as and when they are called for.

Our charge to subcontractors is R200.00 per 12 months to get into the system and a service charge based on the number of pages sent for each project - which means that you are only charged for information actually sent to you.  If there is nothing in a project relative to your chosen trade you pay nothing.  We can give an estimate of what subscribers for the selected trade have paid over the past few months to give you an idea of what you are likely to be charged.

Send an email to brian@tenderingservices.co.za and we will forward full details and application forms to get started.


It is obviously in everyone’s interest for us to have a comprehensive list of main contractors interested in  prices to pass on to subcontractors.

All it takes is a phone call to 021 914 7001 or an email to brian@tenderingservices.co.za to advise us to add your name to our list of builders which will be sent with extracts to subcontractors - and this is totally free of charge to all builders.

We have a subscription service available to builders for which we charge R900.00 per 12 months, for which we send notice of all projects open to tender before we process our side of the tender.  If you plan to tender on any of these you will just need to advise us accordingly.  Once we have processed our side of the documents we will send you a list of subcontractors who we have supplied with extracts on the project in question so that you can follow up with any who have not supplied you with prices directly.  If you would like to try the system without obligation you can start off by paying R300.00 for the first 3 months and thereafter if you wish to continue with the service pay the extra R600.00 for the remaining 9 months.

Send us an email at brian@tenderingservices.co.za and we will send you the necessary application forms.

Here are a few directories which might be useful.

Results of recent tenders

Directory of architects

Directory of quantity surveyors

Directory of engineers

Directory of building contractors

Directory of subcontractors

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